Last days of summer/First days of fall

Hey again~ It's not an introduction, it's just a set of photos that I took recently. It's sort of that transition between summer and fall time, my favorite! This is a set of pictures I took of April (Volks Lorina) playing outside the other day. She's just so adorable, I can't believe I was considering getting rid of her!! She may get a new face-up sometime, there's this part right above her eyes that is sort of grayish-purple and it sort of makes her eyes look droopy. The only concern I have about it is that she is a limited and it is a limited face-up. So I feel sort of bad wiping it. But then again, she is mine and I can and should do what I want to her face-up so that I absolutely love it. Thoughts?

Anyhow, on with the shoot!


This is April's view when she lays in the grass to look at the sky.

I didn't make any of her clothes and her animals are actually Iwako erasers. They're the perfect size for Yo-SD toys and stuffed animals. I mean seriously, how could you use something that adorable to erase your mistakes??
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Introducing: An Elegant Flower

I keep forgetting that I'm actually trying to do something with this whole Livejournal thing. Then again, I'm sure that there aren't too many of you hanging on my every word. I have been meaning to introduce this lady since I posted April's introduction a bit ago. So without further ado, I present to you, Rose.

I got Rosie back in March as sort of a christmas/birthday present for myself. I saw her on the marketplace of Den of Angels for sale and immediately fell in love with her. I sort of kept stalking the page until I decided to mail the seller to see if he was willing to work with me on purchasing her. He was, and he gave me a very generous five-month layaway that I began right at the end of November. I was able to pay her off very early in March, ahead of the deadline and I received her on the 19th. Usually, I make the doll's birthday the date that the doll arrives at my house, but for her, I changed it slightly. I received her on the 19th, but she was a limited release at the Kyoto Dolpa of 2008. The date of that Dolpa was the 16th of March, so I moved her birthday to that day.

As far as I know, she has had at least two previous owners. I was actually able to meet her previous owner at this past NYC Dolpa. It was pretty weird to meet him, but I am very grateful that she no longer fit in with his other dolls. Otherwise, I wouldn't have had the chance to get her!

She was my first Volks doll; she introduced me to the well-made, but expensive world of Volks. She is an SD-10, which makes her just about 58cm. She is on a suwarikko body, which despite some issues with her legs and knees becoming twisted or unaligned, is really quite lovely for posing.

Anyhow, she is my Lolita girl (meaning she dresses in the Gothic and Lolita street fashion that is popular in Harajuku). Her style wavers between very classic and simple to more sweet. I myself am a lolita and her style is somewhat similar to my own. She often comes to lolita meet-ups with me and I try to coordinate her outfit to mine. It doesn't always work out perfect though!

These pictures are of her at the annual Pittsburgh doll group picnic. Please enjoy and let me know what you think!

Thank you for reading and I hope to remember to do more posts here. School starts back in a few days, so I may have more time (and more focus) or I may have less time (and more desire to goof off XP). So we'll see!

Introducing: April

It’s been awhile but today I’d like to introduce you to my newest addition, April! She is a Volks Yo-SD Lorina. I got her at the New York Dolls Party at the end of June. My friend Nelly also has the same doll; we got them on the same day. She is Rose's little sister (Rose will be introduced next) and she is just so cute! Her favorite animal is a cat, but she also likes bunnies and mice. She loves Hello Kitty and collects all sorts of them. Her favorite colors are pink and yellow. She really doesn’t have a least favorite color though. What else would you like to know about her? Her favorite fruit are berries, but she hates grapes. She has a stuffed bunny named Bun Bun and she takes him everywhere with her. She loves to have tea parties with her stuffed animals and she likes to play dress up. All in all she is a typical little girl. Here are some pictures of her:

I hope you enjoyed it!

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 An actual post!

So I'm posting about one of my very newest additions. He is a SOOM Glati that I got second-hand on Den of Angels. I love him to death and he's just the cutest thing right now! I wanted to share a few pictures that I took of him last sunday at work. 

This is him! He has Glib acrylic eyes in "poppy" and the "Ramone" style Fairyland wig.

His shirt is from someone on DoA. His pants are from Wicked Stitchery and his penguin is an Iwako eraser. He likes sea creatures and piano music. He hates girly things. His favorite colors are red and blue, and he hates pink. He currently doesn't have a name, but I was thinking about Oliver or Ian, but I'm still taking suggestions! So what did you think? Should I introduce all of my dollies to you?


How this works

So I just figured out how to work this whole livejournal thing. I think I prefer facebook, but this will be really great for keeping up with the lolita community.
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